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Sherman’s Message

We all deserve safe & healthy communities with affordable housing, robust entertainment through smart development and a superb education system. Sherman’s running to reimagine Prince George's to become the first Smart County; so that it works for everyone.


Currently seeking energetic members of the community who really wants effective changes in Prince George's.


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Meet Sherman 

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Sherman Hardy is a businessman, homeowner, tireless community activist/advocate, veteran of the US Air Force and Emergency Management specialist. Sherman has worked in the public, private and NGO sectors. His passion for Prince George's continues as he's  worked on social-economic and food justice issues. 


Sherman has worked on issues impacting the community such as veterans, food justice, police reform, LGBTQ, housing, homelessness, environmental, and education. 

Sherman served as Secretary for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference Prince George's where he advocated for body-worm cameras and led the charge for the formation of the county's police reform Taskforce to review use of force, training and other procedures. He has worked with the State’s Attorneys Office on issues such as recidivism. Sherman is also an influencer at Prince George’s County Young Democrats and a member of Progressive Maryland. A former Director for Prince George’s County Association of Realtors, the largest trade organization in the county. 


During the pandemic, Sherman knew it was essential to keep the State of Maryland's  Economy going and aid those needing legal assistance so he petitioned the Governor to allow the usage of Remote Notary/Signing and also classify the real estate industry as essential.  


"I come from a proud and humble background. My life has been dedicated to selfless service of others for as long as I can remember. As an Air Force Veteran I served this country and now I want to Continue serving right here in Prince George's through effective, empathetic governing. I have what it takes to lead us on the path to recovery and prosperity." - Sherman Hardy



Introduce new  STEAM for all programs in schools to such as coding, metaverse, web3, crypto, 3D Printing and E-sports. 

Capitalize on the usage of virtual learning enabling smaller class sizes, flexibility and usage of remote educators.  

Build Trade Schools for at all levels through PGCPS and PGCC so that we can prepare for jobs of the future. 


Continue the mission of ending homelessness through housing first and expanding of short term housing inventory

Enhance the local Department of Veterans Affairs by including Social Workers. 


Leverage relationship with military bases to attract separating members. 

Housing for All

Prince Georgians deserve to have a property tax rate comparable to the region. My administration seeks to reduce property taxes to provide for more affordable housing. 

Create programs for Prince Georgians to purchase homes with the county, providing expanding pathways to enhance upon current methods. 

Ensure that seniors are not displaced from their homes by implementing pathways to stability. 

Use land banking to preserve and provide more affordable leasing options within the county. 


Evolutionary Elders 

Increase green canopy and shift county resources to expand beyond NetZero to achieve Net Negative where we remove toxins from the atmosphere. 

Encourage all commercial entities to recycle.

Expand funding within the Department of Environment to investigate the county's air, soil and water, all factors impacting our health. 

Eliminate blighted commercial and residential real estate. 

Upgrade Prince George's power grid (placing them underground), establishing virtual power plants

Deploying automation to repair potholes and use technology to assist with the litter and trash collection issues. 

Create establish municipal wifi to close the digital divide. 

My administration would enhance civic engagement,  improve housing where we can age in place, our outside spaces and buildings must be universally designed.

Meet with business owners to discuss workforce inclusionary, and create job programs for seniors seeking retraining.

Expand resources to make Prince George's a Dementia Friendly City and study the impact of creating Silver Zones. 

Close the Digital divide for persons of certain ages. 

Public Transport Passenger
Family Portrait
Couple with Daughter

Connect traffic signals and emergency response vehicles to prioritize emergency vehicles approaching intersections and the route they take in order to reduce response times

Create more bike and dedicated bus lanes  


Replace "The Bus" and provide Fare- Free transportation within the county to the Metro-Station nearest using the same Technology as Uber/Lyft. Use the same service to transport our scholars to school. 


Invest in adaptive traffic lights, real -time traffic monitoring devices to reduce traffic and noise pollution, variable speed limit signs, pedestrian monitoring & warning devices all ways for traffic calming and reducing pedestrian fatalities. 


Establish Public Service Aides to respond to all non-priority calls. No in-progress calls such as preliminary non-violent investigations, auto accidents and removing disabled vehicles. Also they may respond to squatters vandalism and such so that our law enforcement officers can respond soonest to in-progress crimes and violent activities.  

End usage of cash bail​ and civil forfeiture and means for pretextual traffic stops. 

I intend on governing using proven methods, setting clear goals and committing to saving lives and decreasing violence so that our community can feel safe again.

Invest in furthering behavioral intervention and modification programs for youth throughout the year. 


Create an independent and autonomous Office of Inspector General, to investigate fraud, waste, and abuse

Conduct county department wide desk audit to strategically reorganize county government

Create the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection which will work to combat unfair and deceptive business acts and ensure a fair marketplace for consumers and businesses

In order to promote transparency in government, establish an Open Government Portal which will show real time data from the county's department and budget and other collected data per community request. 

Increase the county's number of unionized project labor agreements and community workforce agreements to protect workers

Require development projects to adopt a targeted-hire initiative that establishes mandatory hiring requirements to ensure that priority is given to persons living within the county boundaries

Expand access to apprenticeships and other training provided by joint labor-management partnerships for county's young adults

We should be investing more into African Americans, Minorities, and Veterans populations using economic development funds to create more pathways for minority owned businesses.

Increase Agricultural footprint and establish programs for minorities seeking this industry.